The Callan Family of Ireland is a website devoted to the study of the genealogy and history of the Callan Family.

Recently with the advent of reasonably priced DNA testing genealogists now have a wondrous tool at their disposal to go along with documented family histories. Although many view this as a threat to their long held beliefs of who and where their family belong, I take the opposite approach and want to know the truth about my forebears. Brickwalls are crumbling with affordable DNA testing and the future is very bright with each new advance in genetic genealogy.

There are three unrelated septs of Callans in Ireland. The first in the ancient territory of Oriel (comprising the modern counties of Armagh, Monaghan and parts of South Down, Louth and Fermanagh). The second, County Limerick was the original homeland of the Munster sept.  A third sept was located in County Roscommon.

Included with this study will be articles, bible records, census returns, DNA studies,  immigration records, land record, and links to other websites and sources.

If anyone has information to share, questions or comments you can always reach me at stancourtney@hotmail.com.


Books on the Callan surname and coat of arms

DNA Project

Facebook – I’m a Callan

Irish Records

U.S. Census

Owen Callen / Courtney

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