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Erin Callan

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Rev Nicholas Callan (1799 – 1864)


Callan Family of Ireland

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Callans and McClarys by John Callan 2002

Callen Chronicles by Edna M. (Callen) McNellis 1990

Callen Family History compiled by Scott Anderson

Callin Family History compiled by G. W. Callin

Descendants of Charles Callen

Ireland – After Forty Years by Luke B. Callan 1933

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Callan - Surname db

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Irish Gathering – The Callan Clan

Library Ireland - Ó Cathaláin


Callan - A Cluster Genealogy of the Callan families of County Louth, IRE from the 19th century

Patrick Callan/Callen: Convict "Pekoe"

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Griffith’s Valuation – Ireland, 1847-1864

Hearth Rolls – Ireland, 1663-1665

Ireland 1901 Census

Ireland 1911 Census

Irish Flax Growers – 1796

Pender's 1659 Census

Tithe Applotments - Ireland 1823-1837

U.S. Cenus:

U S Census 1790

U S Census 1800

U S Census 1810

U S Census 1820

U S Census 1830

U S Census 1840

U S Census 1850

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